Sunday, August 15, 2010

Homecoming :)

Well, it's finally time to blog again… I've been waiting the mandatory 2 months J

Seriously, though, we had a great time going to the airport to pickup Sean. It was great to see him again after 2 whole years. He didn't change much in looks, (he told us he was fat) but, I saw a huge change inside him. He had to speak to the missionary prep class on the Sunday following his return and I'm not even saying this just because I'm his mom… But, he gave the best talk I have heard in a long time (at least since one of my other boys came home from a mission). He gave a great lesson and talk. After he spoke, Brother Simmons ask doug and I to say a few words about how Sean's mission has affected our family. All I could say was that everything was good. I also told them that this was NOT the same boy I sent out… I had sent out a boy and a man had returned. I'm sounding too much like a proud mom, but hey… this is my blog and I can say what I want J

We made t-shirts that spelled WELCOME HOME on them… Sean was kind of embarassed…

"Is he really coming? He'd better not pull a Jordan!"

Cheering, clapping…. I think I was a little shakey when I took this pic…

And here, too… J

He's looking a little embarrased by the t-shirt show…

"Can I get back on the plane and go back to Indy?"

"Who are all these people, anyway?"

Now, that's a great smile…

"Ok, mom, you can quit taking pictures, now"

He still has the laugh…

It has been great having him home. He has the usual missionary preachiness… ha, ha, but I think we'll keep him.