Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Center of Attention

Sean has been doing his best to keep up entertained since life has been pretty boring around here this week, since volleyball is over and wrestling and basketball have yet to begin. We, did, however, very much enjoy Nikki being home over the weekend. It was too short, though!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

End of Volleyball

Well, Keesha has finished her volleyball season on a winning high. They played Rocky Mountain on Tuesday and soundly defeated our arch rivals, beating them in two games. Keesha had some awesome kills and great blocks. She also served up some great serves. In the Meeteetsee game, they took the Lady Long Horn varsity to 5 games to take the match. (I think they just wanted to play more ball and let them win a couple just to play more games). On saturday they faced the Cody Fillies and let them know that they were too tired to play (some team members stayed out all night due to homecoming the night before) and lost the match 1-2. However the season was great and the girls had a lot of fun. Keesha was, of course the best player on the team (I'm not prejudice or anything). It was a lot of fun watching her play and I enjoyed the season. Now all Keesha can think about is Basketball!
Just look at the air she's getting!
I didn't know she could jump like that!!! (Pictures courtesy of Leeann Savage).

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Men in Suits

Now here are some great looking boys (or should I say men?). There are 3 preemies and 1 current (david) and 1 returned.
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One of my very beautiful daughters!

I just found this picture again and thought I would share it. Since I miss her and wish she were here, I thought this might be the next best thing. This is Nikki, by the way, (the one with the long hair) and me. I guess it's a good thing that my other beautiful daughter is here to keep me company (and fix my hair)! You know it has been said that the ugliest parents have the cutest kids... I guess Doug and I must be REALLY ugly! :) cuz look at all the cute kids I have! (so how does that explain my very cute grandson?)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Keesha's Losing Volleyball team

Well, we just returned from a volleyball trek to Powell to watch our wonderful daughter, Keesha play. Unfortunately, the Lovell Bulldogs choked and could not win a single match. Of course, my daughter played very well, serving up some mean balls, blocking and hitting (when the ball occasionaly came her way). We enjoyed watching, but hope the team can pull together and win a few this weekend as they travel to Pinedale for some conference duals. Unfortunately, I am unable to go watch because of the length of travel and such. (I couldn't find a ride with anyone going or find a motel room).

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Baby News

I guess I should clarify who is going to make me a grandma again! I assumed everyone would KNOW that is is Ranee` since no one else is married yet (hint, hint). We are really excited about the new addition, due to arrive around April 22. Ranee is hoping (actually, pretty sure) that the Dr. will help this one come a little early, due to the size of number 1! She is feeling better now, but had a hard time hiding the pregnancy due to constant morning sickness. It was also hard to keep a secret because her Dad kept trying to give it away. I'm surprised that no one guessed! Maybe they did, but kept it to themselves? Life is pretty good, so be happy!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Hey, everyone! I'm trying to be like everyone else and keep ya'll up to date. We are slowly dwindling with only 4 kids at home now, Sean (18), Keesha (15), Savanna (9) and Mat (6). Doug is keeping really busy at work and Church. I am keeping busy trying to run the house and do my family history calling at Church. I am also having a great time with my favorinte grandson, A.J. who lives in Byron with his mom and dad, Ranee and Adam Clark. My other 3 kids are off gallavanting at school, Nikki is a sophomore at UW, soon to be a transfer student at BYU. DJ is a sophomore at BYU and Jordan is working in Provo and a soon to be student at UVSC in Provo. I am looking forward to seeing them all in November when we travel to Laramie to watch BYU vs. UW in football.