Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas at the Savage’s

Well, it's about time I updated the blog. I'm sure everyone is tired of the Build-a-Bear thing. Actually, Mat and Savanna are still really enjoying their 'made-to-order' pets. But Christmas has come and gone, so it is time to tell everyone what's up! First of all, Christmas was great with everyone getting here (eventually, Jordan didn't make until the 28th) and having fun. We even had all 8 kids (+1) for Scripture Study one night. How cool is that? The Christmas break was great after enjoying basketball and wrestling for a few weeks. Keesha has been doing well in basketball and Sean is doing well, also, in wrestling. Christmas was grand with mat waking us all up at about 6:00 am! We then enjoyed opening presents after Mom and Dad rolled out of bed around 7:00. Everyone was very appreciative and I especially enjoyed watching everyone open their presents. We then adjourned to Grandma Savage's for the traditional Christmas Breakfast… with all the fixings!

Here's Nikki getting busy with the traditional Christmas Spudnuts, wow, I think we had them all over the Kitchen!

Jordan and Jill (his girlfriend) enjoying opening their presents...

Keesha..."hmmm what's this lovely present?"

Mat, following in his mother's
footsteps… a future blogger

Doug modeling his new hunting attire

Nikki.... "wow are all these for me???"

"The Boys"

Savanna surveying the loot

Sean, practicing his flying skills...