Thursday, November 1, 2007

Build A Bear

Well, Savanna and Sara (that's Sara Clark, Ranee's little sister-in-law and Savanna's best friend) finally got their Birthday wish... They saved and scrimped and sold little projects (I wonder how Grandpa and Leeann are enjoying their Duct Tape Wallets?) to earn money to go to their favorite store in the Mall... Build A Bear... or as Doug likes to put it... Mangle a Monkey!

Here they are choosing clothes and dressing their newly stuffed friends. Sara has a cute little kitten and Savanna a mischievous monkey! Shopping for clothes for animals is almost as expensive as for real people!!

Inspecting their choices! "Do you think these boots look okay?" or "Do these pants make me look fat?"

Mat even got into the fun and chose a puppy and dressed him as.... well, need I explain? Here he is naming his puppy and printing the 'birth certificate'. Wanna guess what his name is? Mat's puppy only cost him $7.00 (that's what he had in his wallet). Wow!

The only one to actually get a BEAR! Keesha is naming her 'angel' bear.

This finished product! They had so much fun. I was worth it just to watch them choose their animal and the accessories! But I don't think we'll do it again for a few birthdays!