Sunday, June 6, 2010

So, it's time to let go... Not a fun thing to do! Someone asked me if graduation got any easier with the younger kids... I said NO! It actually gets harder because you house is getting emptier. They also asked me if Keesha was the 3rd or 4th one to graduate... ha, ha, ha, ha... I said she was number 6! Oh, yeah, you do have lots of other kids! :) Maybe that means they aren't around enough... But, it is easier knowing that Keesha will be at Powell for a year, so she'll be around a lot. It also makes it double hard to lose her because she is my Laurel President (make that was) and she really did her job well. She was like my 4th counselor ;) and now I have to train someone new! I guess that comes with the territory :) 

She's just lovin' it :)

Her two escorts.... I think she's cuter than them :)

They're just really excited to get their picture taken :)
(Mykel & Keesha)

So Proud :)

Now that's how she really feels!

The elementary School had their annual Fun Day... Mat had a good time doing all the activities. Here, he is completing the obstacle course. As you can see by the blur... he is running really fast :)

In this race, they had to hold the ball between them and run to the next person in the relay... Mat just decided to pick up his partner and carry him...

Passing the baton... again... the blur